Related Therapies

In addition to Hypnobirthing, I also help clients overcome a variety of birth-related issues using clinical hypnosis and EFT Tapping.

This applies to the mum, the dad-to-be or the supporting birth partner.

Hypnosis and EFT tapping can be used for many specific issues:

  • Previous traumatic birth

  • Fear of needles

  • Fear of blood

  • Fear of hospitals

  • Fear of birth

  • Worries or concerns relating to Post Natal Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stopping smoking

I meet so many couples where either mum or dad have a problem with needles or blood. No amount of ante-natal teaching will resolve that and the possibility of passing out during or after the birth can be incredibly worrying for the birth partner. However this can take only 1 or 2 sessions to resolve so that the couple can then birth with confidence.

If you are booked onto an ante-natal course and concerned about conversations relating to birth, hospital, c-section, needles or blood you can book your session prior to the course so that you may continue without worry.

I hold a weekly clinic on Monday evenings (6:15pm - 9:15pm) and Thursday mornings (10am - 12pm) at Neal's Yard on Northcote Road, SW11. (view on map)

Bookings are made via Neal's Yard on 020 7223 7171.

First appointments are 90 minutes in length, subsequent appointments are 60 minutes each.

If you would like to discuss your treatment requirements prior to booking then do please contact me direct

'A friend suggested talking to Melanie and her positive attitude persuaded me (usually a sceptic to 'alternative therapies') that hypnotherapy was worth a try.  I saw Melanie for two sessions and the transformation is amazing - I consider myself cured.' - Alex