Hypnobirthing is a simple learning process that encompasses many different thoughts and ideas.

The basis of hypnobirthing is to release fear and thus release physical tension. When tense our muscles and ligaments cause pain and discomfort. We learn to breathe and open up to labour and birth, which is completely opposite to the current ideas of clenching, pushing and fighting baby out. Once calm, confident and relaxed a mother can work with her body effectively, ensuring that baby and mum have a smooth and easier birth.

Hypnobirthing teaches the birth partner how they can really be there to support the mother. What questions they need to be asking. How important understanding what is taking place is to them and the mother. Only when the mother and birth partner, be that dad, friend, doula or mum truly understand what is taking place can they feel fully in control and able to support.

We may plan for a no-fault birth but it is very easy to get pushed into decisions that the parent’s to be do not fully understand, and with lack of understanding comes fear and frustration. By enabling the mother to remain calm and in control and the birth partner to support and ask the right, meaningful questions the couple can truly enjoy the birth of their baby.

‘Hypnobirthing for me was a conscious decision to press the override button on all the regular chat about birth experiences. I wanted to breathe positivity into the experience, believing that’s a better muscle relaxant than fear! Melanie’s classes didn’t disappoint and had a real present and lasting effect on my birth experience. ‘
— Kelly-Ann

Hypnobirthing is not a set of tools to be unpacked on the day but a learning experience which starts once you receive your hypnosis recordings, continues throughout your course and then on toward the birth with practice, so that once labour begins the calm and happy attitude begins automatically also.

Hypnobirthing can be used for pre-booked c-sections or last minute emergency sections. The premise is the same, to be focused, calm and in control.

Women deserve to have good birth stories, not ones that contain pain, fear and confusion. The mother and father can remain in complete control working together with their midwife to bring about the safe and happy arrival of their baby.

For more information on what is covered when you take a class see our Hypnobirthing FAQ.