Hypnobirthing Classes in London

Learn the skills you need to have a calmer more controlled birth

Hypnobirthing is a proven method of ensuring that the mum-to-be is able to remain calm and in control throughout her labour and birth. It also supports the father or birth partner to provide real support and assistance, ensuring that they are a capable and supportive part of the birth process.

Hypnobirthing is the chosen birth preparation method for so many women. It is absolutely effective, you cannot fail at it and it provides so many benefits to both mum, the birth partner and baby.

As hypnobirthing is rooted in the techniques of hypnotherapy, our courses are taught by a fully qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, who is also a qualified hypnobirthing practitioner. This means that throughout all of your hypnosis recordings, breathing, visualisations and partner script work you are in safe hands. 


Group Class

Join our group hypnobirthing classes at a beautiful studio just off the Northcote Road in London SW11.

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Private class

Learn hypnobirthing in the comfort of your own home - great for second-time mums.

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“Thank you so much for all your help & guidance, your positive encouragement during our sessions made all the difference and I thought of what you had said in my training a lot. You understood and helped me let go of my fears and for that I will be forever grateful! “
— Georgie, Battersea