Free Hypnobirthing Recording

Find yourself a quiet space and some free time and take a listen to a free Positivity in Birth - hypnobirthing track from Better Birth Stories.

When is the best time to listen? I would suggest that just before you go to sleep would be the optimum time, as then it gives your unconscious mind a good 8 hours to let the message settle in. Don't worry if you fall asleep, you're unconscious mind will still be hearing it all.

Once you book onto one of our group or one-to-one courses you will then be given the Sara Wickham book ‘What’s Right For Me’, a course handbook, 6 hypnobirthing MP3's to listen to and a wonderful goody bag.

Have a better birth story.

I attended your course this last weekend with my wife Kathryn and just thought I’d drop a note to say how worthwhile I found it. I learned so much not just about the hypnobirthing side, which I think is fascinating, but in general I thought your knowledge and perhaps more importantly sympathetic delivery was excellent.
— James