Hypnosis and Fertility

Being fertile and conceiving is a delicate dance between both mind and body and the mind has a hugely powerful influence on conception. Negativity in emotions, thoughts and behaviour can lead to anxiety and depression and this in turn leads to diminished odds of conceiving.
Infertility and unexplained secondary infertility are common and there are many medical paths that a woman can take in trying to resolve these issues. However, negativity, anxiety and a fixed mindset are of no benefit on this journey.
Hypnosis can remove anxiety and inner conflict, alter focus to more positive activities and clear emotional blocks. It is a positive therapy for addressing past experiences such as a difficult previous labour, abortion or miscarriage and importantly it can boost confidence in the woman’s ability to conceive and birth her child.

Studies have proven that those couples using hypnotherapy alongside their IVF have more success. This is due to the mind-body connection which is vital for fertility. If you feel that hypnotherapy can help you then please contact me to arrange an appointment.