The Learned Art of Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is the learned art of being able to take yourself down into a deeply relaxed state of being.⠀

It is achievable with practice and the right skills. ⠀

But why would you wish to use hypnosis while birthing?⠀

Well, when you are calm and confident you can truly listen to your body. Without fear or concern move the way your baby and body wishes you to. You have the opportunity to connect with your inner you... your subconscious mind.⠀

Obviously athletes, entertainers and great thinkers have been doing this for years and years. The term self-hypnosis may have shifted to self-speak or deep relaxation but the method and outcome still work.⠀

It was hypnosis that 'cured' the shell-shocked soldiers from the fields of WWI and had them back out fighting again. Hypnosis that allowed those too fearful to speak in front of crowds able to do so. Hypnosis that transformed so many smokers to be non-smokers.⠀

Hypnosis that releases anxiety, supports good mental health, removes frozen fears and repairs and re-frames past experiences.⠀

When you tap into self-hypnosis for birth you are approaching your labour and the birth of your child with a gentle heart and listening ear. It is you, wherever you have chosen to mentally be, and your baby. ⠀

It allows you to distance yourself from the busyness and the business of being born. It takes you back to what birth really is. You and your baby working together to bring new life into the world. ⠀

Calmly. Powerfully. Gently ⠀