The Second Trimester.

The term Second Trimester describes the middle part of your pregnancy from months four to six. It is a positive time as hopefully morning sickness has passed and energy levels are rising again.

The pregnancy at this point also becomes more tangible. The proof in the first trimester was external confirmation, a line on a test, a scan on a screen... Now however, you can feel and see the growth of your baby.

Your body is changing, a round bump appears, small at first but this begins to swell by months five and six.

You will begin to feel baby move. Small flutters at first that develop into little kicks and pushes...or the full on tango when it is time for you to go to sleep at night. Now is the time to listen, feel and connect with baby. Touch your amazing belly, sing and talk to baby... it is all very real now.

You will probably feel more comfortable to get back out exercising again. Swimming, yoga, walking and the gym are all great ways of staying fit and upbeat. Exercise triggers endorphins, your happy hormones and these cross the placenta to baby so that she will feel the benefit also.

In taking care of yourself ensure that you up your calcium levels. Babies will take what they need from you and the second trimester sees them laying down more calcium in their bones.

Don't however become scared or too worried about your diet. You midwife will be weighing you which can have a fairly negative effect on many women. Should you wish not to be weighed then simply say so. During pregnancy we are mindful of what we eat. Focus less on calories but more on nutrition. What can you put into your body to give you energy and good health. Pregnancy is NOT the time to attempt to lose weight.

If you start to find yourself developing constipation then pop in to see your GP. Chances are at this stage it is hormonally driven. So, up your fibre intake and drink lots of water but the doctor will probably give you senna tablets just to help keep things moving. Straining on the toilet is only a recipe for piles.

The second trimester will also see you having your 20 week anomaly scan - more detail on that in a future post - but here is another chance to see baby on screen and take another photo home. Perhaps pop this one into your purse to look at and connect with regularly.

Now is the time to book your ante-natal classes. There are many different options out there of varying prices and lengths. I would suggest ensuring that you have two things covered.

1. A class that teaches you how to engage and cope well through labour and birth - Hypnobirthing does this.

2. A class or group (this could be a pregnancy yoga or a gym class) where you get to meet other mums-to-be who live locally to you. Other mum friends are so very, very important and often become friends for life.