Ten Very Good Reasons To Learn To Hypnobirth...

Need a reason to book a hypnobirthing course? Here are ten!

  1. Hypnobirthing teaches you self-hypnosis and uses the power of hypnosis to make you calmer, more confident and more in control of your birth. Hypnosis works!
  2. It changes the language and thus the way we perceive birth. No more pain and contractions! We do powerful surges and powerful feelings. Fear is flattened, confidence increased!
  3. Hypnobirthing reminds women that they are mammals. When did your cat last give birth in a brightly lit room full of strangers? No wonder women get scared and birth slows down. We are mammals, we need calm, quiet support.
  4. Hypnobirthing teaches women how to breathe through labour and birth, increasing oxytocin and positive endorphins. Did you know that endorphins are more powerful than morphine? We do!
  5. We also teach you all about inductions and why they are suggested, how to refuse them if you do not want them and why to accept them if you need them.
  6. Because for hypnobirthers the due date is anywhere between 37-42 weeks, but if baby fancies arriving at 43 weeks we believe that baby is probably right.
  7. We love birth partners, be they dads to be, mums, best friends or doulas. We teach them how to effectively help the birthing mother. Giving them all the questions that they may need to ask, all the wonderful things that they can helpfully say and even teaching them massage and hypnosis scripts!
  8. Once you have learned to hypnobirth you really know the difference between obstetric units, midwife led units, home birth and water births and what is available where. Knowledge is power!
  9. Hypnobirthing teaches you not to fear planned or unplanned c-sections but how to use your hypnobirthing skills through those too.
  10. Mums and dads to be who have studied hypnobirthing really know what REAL birth looks like, not just the interpretation offered by Hollywood or car-crash television and can therefore really look forward to the birth of their baby.

Hypnobirthing really does work – Come along and learn how to have a Better Birth Story!