Lucinda’s Birth of Tatiana – With Group B Strep Complications

Lucinda’s Birth of Tatiana – With Group B Strep Complications

Rory & I wanted to let you know that we welcomed Tatiana on Tuesday 14th at 10pm.

She is beautiful and we are feeling extremely blessed. We are both in very good health and returned home yesterday. 

I went into labour at 7pm on Monday, my due date! We walked home from Paddington to Barons Court after my 40 week hospital appointment, I guess she thought she’d had enough! Haha! (Funnily they offered me a sweep during the appointment which I politely declined, so impatient!!!!!!!)

I found the mucus show when I went to the loo very clearly around 7pm then again at 9pm with some light (what I now know were) surges.

We prepared the bag and clothes ready to go and went to bed to try and rest.

Labour was long but we felt prepared the whole way. It wasn’t what I’d planned in my head but I felt prepared and informed and comfortable with each step, being done for a reason.

We went into hospital at 1.30am after being at home peacefully in the run up, they sent us home as I hadn’t started dilating. We returned again at 4am when I was struggling with the intensity of the surges. Being a first baby I suppose I felt it hard to know how far along I could be, to me it felt intense! Little did I know, ha!

I was 2cm dilated so we stayed and I had tried gas and air but was sick very quickly, it hasn’t agreed with me in the past when I had it for an operation to my foot. Instead I had a diamorphine injection which really helped me relax and rest once moved to my own room.

We had the most incredible midwife who I just adored. Jade, about my age, stayed with us until 8pm Tuesday when sadly her shift ended, so she just missed the birth.

I had an epidural later in the morning and then an induction drip. The epidural didn’t work and the surges were very intense. (I was surprised it was constantly in the same place.)

The anaesthetist consulted his boss who recommended we do a second epidural, that thankfully worked well. Having been so scared of having one I actually found them totally ok! The second worked a dream and I really relaxed and we had a restful afternoon. I was stared on antibiotics as they broke my waters when they induced me with the drip. 

I had a pain in my right lower back on and off for around an hour that the epidural didn’t touch from about 6pm.

When I was examined at 7.30pm Jade was amazed I’d dilated to 9cm! She could feel the head (full of hair!). She said the back pain will have been baby moving down! I suppose I was very relaxed and comfortable in the environment and care. She was shocked at such fast progress especially in a first baby. Clary Sage, relaxed, comfortable...?! 

Midwives changes at 8pm and sadly we weren’t as lucky, the next had a monologue style and we didn’t understand her at all, neither of us felt comfortable. Jade gave a thorough handover but she didn’t follow and didn’t examine me until 1.5hrs later (it was clear it was 1 hour for final 1cm). Anyway, doctors had then been monitoring babies heart rate which was rising, they were concerned. 

I started trying to push but things weren’t progressing, my temp had gone up slightly, coupled with her heart rate they were worried about GBS infection so recommended I have help delivering instrumentally.

I was upset at this but after trying to push and being told it would be another hour, plus I could see her heart rate still high I agreed but asked not to be told which he would use.

He made a very small episiotomy cut to try and prevent tearing with instruments, thankfully I am pleased to say his plan worked although apparently he cut an unexpected vein or something and there was a large amount of blood loss, quite shocking for Rory!

Forceps were used (I guessed incorrectly!) and on the 4th contraction pushing and him working Tati was born.

They were incredible and she was straight into my chest. Delayed cord clamping - they recommend it now and also skin to skin. She stayed on me for a long time - did her first poo on me which was kind! Gosh that stuff really is tar!

I was stitched up, he was teaching a student so I’ve been told it is incredibly neat!

Tati was checked and all fine. We then had a slight complication as the midwife sat me up to remove the epidural line and I fainted which I suppose was predictable following the blood loss.

Lots of doctors etc. All eventually fine but R asked to change midwives, as did I when I came round a little. This was handled so well and a really good decision. One we felt brave enough to have requested.

The next was amazing and couldn’t have been kinder.

We were moved to the Antenatal ward the next morning and all checks etc. Were fine.

Amazingly I can breast feed easily, such a blessing, I had so much help with it on the ward (I was in a room with another girl who was discharged before Wednesday night, so I was alone the night, perfect).

The care we had, besides that one midwife was utterly outstanding from start to finish. Everyone had time for us, was so kind, professional and cared. Go St Mary’s! We feel so lucky.

Tati is hugely content and relaxed. We were allowed home yesterday afternoon (Thurs) which was amazing. 

I honestly drew on everything you taught us during the course. I was relaxed for my pregnancy and I believe that was fundamental to labour starting spontaneously and ‘on time’!

The GBS added the labour ward factor but I’d prepared & come to terms with it and realigned my thinking for that.  Each step we decided on of intervention was informed and made for a reason, mainly I couldn’t continue with the intensity of the pain, then once started it was a process that somewhat naturally followed.

Rory was just the most incredible support, I felt I had everything I needed in him. He protected me and made me feel so safe. We decided together and when I didn’t want to hear some discussions he ensured he had them away from me/calmed the room of too many voices/coaching!

Thank you so so much for preparing us for what was a rollercoaster but one which I would approach exactly the same. I do not regret a thing about the birth or the way it happened. (Except GBS!!)

Thank you for giving us the tools to confidently tackle a mountain and come out the other side with the most unbelievable reward. Now starts the hard work!