Eliza’s Surprise Breech Arrival

Eliza’s Surprise Breech Arrival

I was in labour for 24 hours and went to hospital as the surges were 3 in 10, two midwives checked me and sent me home as I was only 1cm dilated and I was told the cervix was behind the head so I needed to try and manipulate it down.

After a lot of crawling and bouncing ball later I was having surges every 2 minutes, so we went to hospital and into birthing centre. The midwife checked me and asked why my baby was so small and she had some concerns about this.  We went over to the labour ward to be monitored to check the baby’s heart rate and my surges, all was fine but the doctor said that I was in full blown labour but still only 1cm and she couldn’t understand it.  She checked me again, then scanned me and my baby was breech! (hence why the baby’s head felt small)!! After chatting it through, 30 mins later she was born by c-section. 

Such a long winded story, I’m sorry but I thought you should know that throughout it all my hypnobirthing was the thing that got me through it.  I stayed calm throughout the whole thing, Mark was an incredible support, and I didn’t have one ounce of pain relief until the epidural for my c-section. I was quite nervous about the injection and even then used the breathing techniques to not think about it. 

I have you to thank for that, and I will definitely be telling everyone to do hypnobirthing. 

I can’t believe that Eliza is now 6 months, time is going so quickly!