The skills you will learn

Hypnobirthing is an umbrella term which covers many subjects. On your group, private or refresher course you will cover:

Part 1

Understanding birth and its many influences

  • Learning how important both language and environment is in the lead up to your birth.
  • What exactly is hypnotherapy and how can it be used for childbirth?
  • How do other mammals prepare for labour?
  • The upstage and downstage of labour and clearly understanding what is physically happening.
  • How fear and worry affects the brain and body and why this causes women problems.

Part 2

Taking control of your own birth & stacking the odds in your favour

  • Learning birth breathing, visualisations and self-hypnosis to remain calm and confident.
  • Understanding good positions for birth.
  • Learning about the positions that babies can get themselves into "in utero" and what this can mean for birth.
  • Learning about the role of the pelvic floor.
  • How to look after the perineum.
  • Empowering and creating the very best birth partners.
  • What is a caesarean and why might you need one? 

Part 3

The Birth environment and process of labour. Putting your hypnobirthing in context

  • All of your options about where to give birth? Home, Midwife led Unit, Obstetric Unit.
  • The fallacy of current due dates and understanding how and why we use induction.
  • The onset of labour - what can you expect to happen? How can you use your new skills?
  • The importance of emotional resilience and logical decision making in birth. The ability to change plans if need be.

Part 4


  • The Golden Hour & optimal cord clamping
  • Birthing your placenta
  • What are the baby blues?
  • Understanding post-natal depression and the steps to take if affected by it.
  • Who to go to for help if you hit a stumbling block: GPs, lactation consultants, osteopaths, women's health physios, counsellors and more.