Hypnobirthing Refresher Classes

£175 per couple

Taking the time to refresh your hypnobirthing skills and knowledge between the births of your children is a practical and advised preparation for birth.

It will help to boost your confidence, answer any questions that you have relating to your last birth experience and can ensure that you are mentally and physically in tip top shape even with the demands of a young family at home.

Choose how you'd like to be refreshed

  1. Join the full group hypnobirthing class which takes place on the last Sunday of every month from 10am-5.30pm.
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  2. Book a private home visit for one evening or a Saturday afternoon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my partner cannot attend?

Please do not worry if your birth partner needs to stay home with your older children, for refreshers it's not a problem to come along solo.

When would a refresher class be appropriate?

A refresher class is appropriate for all parents who have studied a full hypnobirthing course for a previous birth. It does not matter whose method this was as all the pertinent subjects will be covered and all recordings and written materials will be given.

What if my previous birth was quite traumatic?

If your previous birth was traumatic it may be appropriate to have a private session with Melanie either in clinic at Neal's Yard Clapham or at your home where we may debrief and release any fears or anxieties about your future labour and birth. Once this is done then the refresher course can comfortably take place.