The full hypnobirthing course can be taken in two ways – as part of a group course run on the last Sunday of each month, or privately either one-to-one or with friends in your own home. The private course is usually spread over 4 evening sessions.

The course is attended by the mother to be and her birth partner, be that her husband, partner, mother or friend.

On the course you are taught about hypnosis and how it works and hypnobirthing and how it works. You learn about the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems and how to use this to your benefit. We talk through what other mammals require to give birth calmly. You will learn about the stages of labour and what your body and baby are actively doing. 

You are taught powerful breathing techniques and strong visualisations that you use throughout your labour to keep you calm and focused. We also then cover birth, birth breathing, perineal massage, pelvic floor exercises and why we need them, the fallacy of due dates, positions for birthing, all your birth choices from obstetric units to home birth and what they include and all about the Golden Hour post birth.

Hypnobirthing teaches the birth partner how to actively be a positive part of the birth process so that the mother has a strong, dedicated and knowledgeable continual care giver. We also watch a hypnobirth recording so that you may see the wonderful process in action.

On top of all of this those attending courses with Better Birth Stories are given the Hypnobirthing Book, full ring-bound course notes and all the MP3 recordings they need to listen to.

It is a complete and highly effective course. 

If you would like to know any more about Hypnobirthing please do complete the enquiry form and I will respond to you as soon as possible so that we may chat through your needs and questions. 

"Apologies I have been meaning to get in touch to say a massive thank you for the hypnobirthing sessions! Hamish was born a week early on 26th June following an absolute textbook birth! I put it entirely down to hypnobirthing and had such a positive experience so thank you so much! And now we have Hamish and are utterly delighted.  I still tell everyone how amazing hypnobirthing is, and also how amazing you are! Thank you so much!!  " - Belinda