Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in the classes?
Each class covers all of the following:

Part 1: Understanding birth and its many influences

  • Learning how important both language and environment is in the lead up to your birth.
  • What exactly is hypnotherapy and how can it be used for childbirth?
  • How do other mammals prepare for labour?
  • The upstage and downstage of labour and clearly understanding what is physically happening.
  • How fear and worry affects the brain and body and why this causes women problems.

Part 2: Taking control of your own birth & stacking the odds in your favour

  • Learning birth breathing, visualisations and self-hypnosis to remain calm and confident.
  • Understanding good positions for birth.
  • Learning about the positions that babies can get themselves into "in utero" and what this can mean for birth.
  • Learning about the role of the pelvic floor.
  • How to look after the perineum.
  • Empowering and creating the very best birth partners.
  • What is a caesarean and why might you need one?

Part 3: The Birth environment and process of labour. Putting your hypnobirthing in context

  • All of your options about where to give birth? Home, Midwife led Unit, Obstetric Unit.
  • The fallacy of current due dates and understanding how and why we use induction.
  • The onset of labour - what can you expect to happen? How can you use your new skills?
  • The importance of emotional resilience and logical decision making in birth. The ability to change plans if need be.

Part 4: Post-birth

  • The Golden Hour & optimal cord clamping
  • Birthing your placenta
  • What are the baby blues?
  • Understanding post-natal depression and the steps to take if affected by it.
  • Who to go to for help if you hit a stumbling block: GPs, lactation consultants, osteopaths, women's health physios, counsellors and more.
What Happens When I Book?
Once you send your booking in, I will reserve your space and send out an invoice with various payment methods available (inc. PayPal). As soon as your payment is received I'll send you your hypnotherapy recordings so you can begin practicing with them before your group class.
Why Join A Group Class?
The group course is great to get to meet other like-minded mums and dads-to-be and is excellent fun. It can be hugely beneficial to hear other people’s questions, worries and hopes during the day and good friendships are made.
Who Can/Should I Bring With Me?
You can be accompanied by whomever you choose: father, mother, sister, friend, doula or you can come solo. Whichever works best for you.
What Will I Learn?
Our classes teach you powerful breathing techniques and strong visualisations that you will use throughout your labour to keep you calm and focused. We will also teach your birth partner how to actively be a positive part of the birth process so that you have a strong, dedicated and knowledgeable care giver by your side during your birth. You will learn self-hypnosis, perineal massage, pelvic floor exercises (and why you need them), positions for birthing and much more. Knowledge is power! For more details see the class overview.
How Big Are The Group Classes?
As it is important that everyone is fully a part of this class we limit the numbers to a maximum of 6/7 couples. This way we are not rushing and everyone can ask questions and take time to fully understand what is being taught.
What Resources Are Included With The Class?
Once your booking is confirmed you are emailed your supporting hypnotherapy recordings to begin listening to. On the day you are given your full course notes, Dr Sara Wickham's book 'What's Right For Me' and treats and flyers for fantastic local birth related practitioners. Following the course you are emailed a further set of recordings and links to resources that may have been discussed on the day.
Tell Me More About The Space I'll Be In?
The studio at Physio For All where the class takes place is absolutely lovely & cosy. We have gym balls and meditation chairs to comfortably sit on, soft mats to lie on while practising and the convenience of the French cafe to one side, the Spanish cafe to the other and the wonderful Northcote Road just 2 minutes walk away, with its plethora of cafes, shops and baby-goods retailers.
How Do I Get To The Group Class?
The nearest train station is Clapham Junction and nearest tubes are Clapham Common and Clapham South. Travelling by bus you will need the 319, 37, 35 or G1. There is also free parking on the street outside if you wish to drive.