You Feel As You Think - Thoughts & Beliefs Are Not Facts So Dispute Them.

It's interesting that we put so much thought into Blue Monday and the depressive power of January but then assume that we will feel so much more different by February.

Well, it's rainy outside today, it's Monday and I know that people all over are still struggling just as much as they were two weeks ago. Differently perhaps today... but still with the same old bad thoughts, frustrations, fears, anxieties or angers.

This is usually the time that the frugal January diets start to fail. When loneliness may seep back in when the imagined joys of Spring still feel so far away.

So today, I'll ask you to do just this.
Challenge your thoughts. Challenge, question and stop in their tracks those silky depressive or anxious thoughts. You know that depression lies to you. You know it tells you untruths, half-truths and embellishes fear & worry. It is a smooth operator, depression, with its good friend anxiety, it likes to offer you black and white thinking, subtly removing the shades of grey in between. It slinks into your home or your office, puts its feet up on your favourite chair, smirks and lights a cigarette ...and you feel that it will never leave.

So today, challenge it.

Try relaxing breathing. Focus only on your breath coming in through your finger tips and up to the top of your head, then travelling down through the core of your body and out through the soles of your feet. When you get the hang of it turn the air you breathe into canary yellow. Bright yellow flooding in and out. Breathe the actual sunshine.

Think of your A, B, C's. Actual event / Belief System / Consequence. They flow in that order and it is B that creates C. Not A. What are your beliefs or thinking about your situation? Can you change it? Alter it? Burn it?

Are you rolling in your own pig sh*t? A wonderful therapist friend of mine says this. Without even knowing it you're just rolling around in this sh*t. Perhaps now step out?

Get to see someone. Make an appointment to just talk. To let it all out. Choose psychotherapy, counselling, hypnothrapy, EFT, group therapy. Just email or call. Make the move.

You feel as you think. So dispute those thoughts which seek to cause you damage.