What Is Hypnosis And How Is It Used In Hypnobirthing?

The doorway to success in hypnobirthing is the unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind not only holds information that is outside your consciousness, but it also manages sensations and bodily functions.

Due to the pioneering work of Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr Candace Pert and many others we are now beginning to realise the full extent of the Mind/Body connection. Scientific areas such as Neuroplasticity, Neuroscience, Psychoneuroimmunology, Quantum Physics and Quantum Biology are revealing ways in which the mind fully affects the body, the fact that your mental processes affect all the cells in your body all of the time. The unconscious mind is responsible for sending information that travels to and affects billions of individual cells throughout the body.

For example, before you started to read this paragraph you were probably not aware of the feeling of your feet against the floor, or the sofa or how many times your eyes blinked. You have feelings and sensations across your body all of the time but you remain mostly unaware of them. Your unconscious mind keeps your heart beating, your blood circulating, your digestion working, your lymph system operating and your baby growing. Your unconscious mind works without your conscious awareness.

So what is hypnosis? Hypnosis is the act of relaxing someone so deeply that verbal suggestions can become a form of mental and physical therapy. It is an altered state of consciousness which is naturally occurring and that people dip in and out of all of the time. For example – have you ever driven a route that you drive again and again, it is so familiar to you that you allow your mind to wander. Upon arriving at your destination who have a brief moment of wondering how on earth you got there, were you really paying attention? We call this ‘highway hypnosis’, it is the state of driving on auto-pilot. You were in a trance and your unconscious mind, which is quite used to driving a car and that very familiar route, took over. 

Hypnosis as therapy allows us to by-pass what we call the Critical Factor. You can imagine this as the brick wall that stands between your conscious mind (which is rational & analytical) and your unconscious mind (which is your imagination, permanent memory, emotions & blueprints).

In hypnobirthing we aim to alter the blueprints for child birth and in doing so we aim to eliminate the fear of labour & birth, while increasing feelings of calm, confidence and relaxation. We embolden the mother to know what is right for her and her baby and to stand up for her rights and beliefs.

When you are under hypnosis, you are completely in control and aware of your surroundings. Hypnotherapy is completely safe and very effective. It can positively affect both the mind and the body.

While learning hypnobirthing with Better Birth Stories your hypnosis will be given to you via MP3 recordings that you can listen to whenever works for you. I suggest that you listen before you go to bed each evening as you are less likely to be disturbed and it also allows the entire night for your subconscious mind to fully take on the messages that have been given.

There are many forms of ante-natal education. However, hypnobirthing is the only form that utilises hypnosis to change unconscious mental blue-prints about birth. This then allows a women to relax into her labour which has hugely positive physical and mental effects for both mum and baby.