Don't Feed the Trolls

I was talking about this with my oldest daughter the other day.

The concept of just not engaging with people who only mean to rile you. Or who haven't really thought through the pain or upset that they may be causing with their comments. . Just don't feed them.

Don't give them anything to go on. Then they can just get thin...and go away... .

Well, of course this got me thinking about all of the 'helpful' advice that is slung at pregnant women. From complete strangers in the supermarket through to family and good friends. To how women are treated by people when they state that they are planning a home birth, or a water birth....or a midwife led birth.

It never ceases to amaze me how out of the woodwork jump so many 'well-meaning' individuals so sure of their own knowledge...or actual lack thereof.

Birth is a tricky time of choosing and navigating - so if you feel that you are being given slightly more 'advice' then you would like, my advice to you is this: Don't feed the trolls. Even if you love them dearly. Don't feed them. Be vague, offer little in way of explanation, hone phrases such as 'that's nice' and don't feel that you EVER have to justify your birth choices to anyone other than yourself. 💗 💗